Monday, January 12, 2009

Book Giveaway Home Creamery Winner!!!


Just a little cheese porn to get us all supped up for the dairy love to follow.

After excluding my father's vote in the comment section for Claire's favorite cheese, which we later determined he probably knew because she told him, there was only one contender. The competition was fierce and furious. I wrote his name on a piece of paper and put it in a hat, shook it around to give him a fighting chance, washed the bones to clear the air, and then grabbed absolutely the first name my fingertips brushed and drew it from the hat.

The winner for the first of three monthly Home Creamery Book Giveaways is...... JACK!

Way to go Jack! Congratulations.

While my heart would be warmed if Claire's favorite cheese was a bandaged wrapped cheddar or Epoisse, the young cute pie is a picky eater and would probably wrinkle her nose at the sight of bandages on cheese or the smell of Epoisse. But, we'll get her. She's moved from string cheese to cheese with holes. This is big. Next time I see her, I'll cut holes in slim peice of Comte, make it into a mask shape to involve her in the cheese process, then eat the cheese holes. We'll get her folks, oh, we'll turn her around.

Now, for the first assignment from The Home Creamery book by Kathy Farrell-Kingsley (drum roll please, again)... RICOTTA! Ricotta's story starts on p. 68, and the recipe starts on pg. 70. It's probably a good time to mention that no one will be denied participation in the Home Creamery Event if they are interested in making dairy products at home. Although the event is based on Farrell-Kingsley's book, partially because of its easy,d friendly nature and partially because I love the idea of supporting this author whose teaching us to take cheese into our own hands, participants are welcome to use any recipe of their choosing for the dairy challenges. I would encourage everyone to buy this awesome book, but I just really want you to play dairy with me.

To sum up the event's guidelines:
1) Make the dairy product of the month at home.
2) Either pair the dairy product to a wine or suggest a wine you think you might enjoy sipping with your milk creation. There are no limits here- it's okay if you want to make something with your creation beyond the raw dairy product, like ricotta cake, dumplings, or baked ricotta, or you can suggest a wine to sip with simply the fresh, buttery ricotta. Your choice. Also, I'll forgive you if you don't want to pair your goodness with wine, and just want to make join in on the dairy love.
3. Send me one of two things by the last Monday of the month (Jan 26th for the first month):
a) If you have a blog, send me the link to the post where you talk about your Home Creamery experience and I will feature it in on my Home Creamery post.
b) If you don't have a blog, email me a photo of your results ( by the last Monday of the month and a brief 2-4 sentence sum up of your experience and your delectable pairings, which I will feature on my blog post.

That's it for now, i'm so excited to start the event. Please leave any questions, concerns, or excellent ricotta making advice in the comment section. This is my first time with ricotta, so if it's important not to eat the concoction until it's finished, someone warn me.

Thanks for playing! Remember, in the next two months there will be two more chances to win The Home Creamery book.

Jack, please email me at with your info so we can get you that great book.

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Cathy x. said...

you've moved me to order the home creamery book online! hopefully it will arrive soon so i'll be able to join in! ooooh i'm excited! :P

danpetroski said...

I ordered the book as well, but not sure it will arrive before the weekend and I am off to France. But I will try and make my own ricotta, from another recipe on Saturday and send you some pictures. Looking forward to it.

Kirstin said...

Awesome! I'm really looking forward to this event! I'm go glad people will be making cheese at home with me. Or at their homes.

Simona said...

I am glad Claire shares with the child version of myself a passion for cheese with holes. On to ricotta, then.

Parklife said...

Any local suggestions for finding the book? While I could get the book online, waiting for shipping and the fact that I'd prefer to support someone local makes me inclined to search for it somewhere in Oaktown. Any ideas?

Regardless, I'll have some Ricotta ready by the weekend!!

Kirstin said...

Parklife- I bought mine at Pegasus on Solano Ave and am thinking they might have it at the Oakland College Ave location too. Or maybe Diesel?

Apples and Butter said...

Did not know about this book! I've been looking into making my own burrata and will definitely have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

Coincidentally, I made ricotta this month! I'll keep an eye out for your next Home Creamery event!