Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yogurt Adventures in Italy

Bunnies in Oakland, California, reindeers in Reykjavik, Iceland, and yogurt in Florence. A major source of protein in different culture's diets? No. Graffiti and stencils across the globe. For the first of my Italy series, meet Yogurt graffiti. It's Florentine.

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danpetroski said...

Kirstin, that is awesome. Thanks for being inspired by graffiti. On the subject don't forget to check out my next blog post on Snooth regarding Street Art.

Kirstin said...

Looking forward to it Dan. I've been trying to find that reindeer picture of graffit in Iceland, and when I do, maybe I'll pair it with wine.... : )

Viagra Online said...

looks like someone really like the yogurt, or is their artistic name, you know all the great artist in this world always signed their works.