Thursday, August 28, 2008

Outside Lands Festival: Wine Rocks

The owners of the company that I work for consulted the crafting of the first ever Wine Haven for the first ever Outside Lands Music Festival in San Franciso's Golden Gate Park last weekend. What is Outside Lands? It was three days filled with musicians such as Radiohead, Beck, Manu Chao, Wilco, Lyrics Born...., and a whole lot of sexy people.

What is a Wine Haven, you ask? Oh, there is so much to learn, so little time, my readers. Well, as of last weekend, a Wine Haven was a huge tent, filled with winemakers and representatives for twenty organic, family-owned and/or high-end wineries, pouring wine for some of the 150,000 people who attended the musical who wondered into The Haven. Served outside of The Haven tent were fresh and BBQed oysters from Hog Island, and charcuterie and sausages from Fatted Calf.

What a day. Wine, sausage, oysters, and rock and roll? A new generation has spawned, my friends, and I am glad for once, to be a part of it.

In exchange for me "working," I got a free to Sunday's festivities. I hope you enjoy the Wine Haven photos, and have a good weekend.

Augest West booth

With a flick of the wrist, these nimble-handed ones shucked enough oysters to meet festival needs and had time to light the barbie.

BBQ Hog Island Oysters

Dot paired Uvaggio and Cep Rosé to BBQ oysters. And fresh oysters. And grilled sausages.

Rusty and Dusty are from Turloc, CA, and left for the Jack Johnson show before I could ask them their favorite wine and food pairing.

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Lori Lynn said...

A few years back we were up visiting and stopped in Tomales Bay and got some Hog Island Oysters right there. Also picked up a great sauce recipe, they call Hog Wash. I love anything oysters, the BBQed ones look fabulous.

Sounded like a great festival! Lucky you.

Wine Decorations said...


Wine rocks is a fun filled evening of beer, wine, rock and roll. It is a unique celebration of wine makers in that it showcases the musical talents as well as their wine making skills. Thanks a lot!