Monday, May 12, 2008

T-Vine Wine Burger Extravaganza (No burgers filmed during this sequence)

We recently had an event with winemaker Greg Brown of T-Vine Vineyards, where we served his wines with Niman Ranch burgers. Great pairing for a heavily-fruited, intense red. Thought you might like to see some of the pictures of our BBQ party. I know everyone was really crossing their fingers, but the burgers were consumed to quickly for photography.

a) Brown with the sporty burger chef and my co-worker, Matt.

b) Below, one of our fine bar patrons and friends, Keith (on right), and his brother. We're a family place.

c) The winemaker and Vin de la Table author.

d) Two other fine bar patrons.

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Dragonlife said...

Dear Kirstin!
Just discovered your blog through Foodbuzz!
I'm particularly interested in reading your postings about wine as I'm from Bourgogne in France and living in Japan!
I write blogs about Gourmet food, Sushi, Sake and Shochu among others.
It will take some time reading you all but expect more visits and comments in the near future!
Sincere congratulations on a very professional-looking blog!

Kirstin said...

Happy to have you as an active reader, Robert-Gilles!