Sunday, February 24, 2008

Potato Gratin: What would you pair with.....?

This post marks the beginning of a weekly trend, at Vin de la Table titled, "What would you pair with ......?"

Each week I'll post a picture of a food that I'd love to hear how you, my dear readers, would pair with wine. I've changed the blog format so that any reader, not just those with gmail accounts, may leave their wine pairing choice under the comment selection.

Rules: None. If the picture is of an food only in it's basic form, feel free to mentally prepare the food any way you wish to make your perfect pairing. Add garlic. Add fish sauce. Add Fontina if you like. If you think that the food is best in the form in the photo I attached, it's okay to mentally plate the dish as is and choose a wine.

Any wine any time.
You have any wine, from two-buck-Chuck to a Cheval Blanc at your disposal, and you may sip the wine with your glorious dish in any preferred place. Give me details!

Further craziness: Every once in a while, I might throw in a non food item- a song, an object, another type of noun that you may pair with the juice.

This week, the food that ya'll can play with is Potato Gratin. Pair alone, as part of an entree course, or as a dessert topped with ice cream, if you are that sort of person.

Have fun! Looking forward to hearing your wine pairings!

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David J.D. said...

A 2003 Savigny-Les-Beaunes burgundy of some sort.

Or a tall glass of OJ with a remy martin floater.

Kirstin said...

We had the Christophe Perrot-Minot Burgundy as an option for our French Bistro Supper Club with this dish, and it was awesome. Cut the cream like knife.

Have you considered making an orange juice reduction with your remy martin and pouring it OVER the glass of Burgundy?

Anonymous said...

I would pair a lovely Riesling, or pinot gris. Maybe a few garlic sausison, aussi. Definitely something that would let the buttery taste of the gratin be the star. A soft chardonnay would be lost-totally perdu!

linnhe said...

Can you tell me something about Guidalberto -2005, Tenuta San Guido? Price, characteristics, availability, etc? We were given a bottle a couple of weeks ago. Being the crazies we are, we drank it straight away. If reasonable, we would buy a few more to hold for more than a week..........(maybe two).

Kirstin said...

The Tenuta is probably a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese. Otherwise known as a Super Tuscan. I'm guessing that it would be good if you wanted to age it for another two years. If the tannins and acid are very soft, I'd suggest drinking it within a year or so. Online I've seen it priced from $40-$55. It's supposed to be laden with dark fruit and luscious.
I bet it would be good with the potato gratin....

And If you are serving garlic sausage with that gratin, and a dry Austrian Riesling or bright Pinot Gris, let me know and I'll come over. Just don't remind me of how much cream went in the potatoes.

Krista said...

this is a favorite sidedish jer loves to make. its so good i venture to say screw the sidedish term and call it a main dish! :0

i think we paired reisling with it but nt sure, i'll see if I can get jer to post what we had.

Kirstin said...

I'm really feeling everyone's Reisling.

I hope no one minds.

Jerry said...

Yeah, Siege and I are seriously into the gratin lately. We don't play no games, heavy cream and Parmigiano-Reggiano, a real gut buster! The wine we had with it was a white purchased from your shop Kirstin. It was French, unpronounceable, I think part Viognier, and delicious with the gratin.

P.S. Watch those hands Kirstin!

Kirstin said...

Some great suggestions here. The one about the OJ and remy and the other about keeping my hands to myself (is this really necessary, its my blog...) were not the highest on my list of favorites, but the others were pretty fabulous.
Love the feedback.