Monday, February 4, 2008

Citysearch Girls and Boys Night Out- East (by me)

Hello all-

I've been a contributor to the Citysearch website for a couple months now (little things, here and there), and today, they published something larger that I wrote. It is a "girls night out, boys night out" guide to the East Bay (SF Bay Area), inventively titled:

"East Bay Girls/Guys Night Out"

I'm including links to the article in case any of you in the area and into an x or y chromosome empowerment night. Have fun! By the way, once my article was edited, I discovered that the acronym "S.O." now in my Citysearch writing means significant other. Should I have known this? I never know these things.

Main: East Bay Girls/Guys Night Out

Girls Night Out

Boys Night Out

Lastly, since I didn't feel that the pictures for my Citysearch writing accurately reflected girls night out, so I included a couple snaps of me and my girl Claire, powering up before a night on the town! Now you know how we do it. Old School.

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