Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Brief Intermission: A Stroll Down Fruitvale Avenue

When my husband and I couldn't decide whether we wanted to head to Redwood Park five miles from our house, or go for an urban hike down the long stretch of Fruitvale Ave, in Oakland for our leisurely Sunday activity, it was the food that swayed us. Here's a short photo essay capturing our decision.

Is there an area near you that you go for awesome Mexican food?

The hot sauce aisle at a Fruitvale grocery store.

El pastor and carne asada tacos from a corner taco truck.

Los Mexicanos Pasteleria- everything made in-house. You tell them when you're ready to order, they hand you a silver tray and tongs, and you select your morsel.

Coconut Cream Pan Dulce from Los Mexicanos.

Lastly, a quick note for Home Creamery event participants, I found a great website where one could purchase butter muslin and other supplies that will be needed for future dairy adventures that can be found here

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Anonymous said...

One of the best places around to get yummy Mexican! My other is on 24th St. in the Mission SF which is a two block walk from where I live. I feel lucky to have such great food all around me!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic. I really do miss the Mexican food in California. It's just not the same out east!

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