Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Not You, it's Brie

It's not so hard to say goodbye after all when you're only going next door, to a cheese kingdom.

To my dear Vin de la Table readers, I spend all day pouring, tasting, selling, and writing about fermented grape juice, and although I love it and my former blog base, I am very excited to finally start sharing my other gastronomic love on the blogsphere. Sadly, there is only so much time in a day, and because I won't be able to keep up with all things, I'm letting this blog go. It's had a good run.

I invite you to instead visit my new blog, “It’s Not You, it’s Brie.” Focusing on dairy magnificence, "it's Not You,.." will serve as a platform for fromage obsession, explore cheese’s role in our everyday and ceremonial lives and include recipes, cheese memories, and interviews.

Feel free to email me questions about wine and food pairing anytime at itsnotyouitsbrie@gmail.com, and feel comfort in knowing that it will be a rare occasion that I will write about cheese without involving wine.

To my Vin de la Table fans, I still have a candle-lit shrine devoted to you. I hope that you still love me too and will visit me at my new home often. Thank you so much for your readership. It's meant so much to me.

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paul said...

I fucking love this name!!!!

danpetroski said...

Congratulations! Not hesitant at all about visiting the new site often and much.... Kudos! BTW, you would be happy to know that my word verification was: burrata.

Jerry said...

Can't wait to read the new blog K!