Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home Creamery Event Giveaway: Guess Her Favorite Cheese

It's finally time for the second of three Home Creamery Book Giveaway Contests, and this month, Miz. Dot Joo (on right) is the star. Storey publishing has donated three of Kathy Farrell-Kingsley's books, The Home Creamery, in honor of Vin de la Table's monthly event, and we're going to send one of the books off to the lucky event participant who is able to correctly guess Miz Joo's favorite cheese. There are five given possiblities. It's a good time to mention that although the event is based upon Farrell-Kingsley's publication because of its ease and friendly nature, no one will be turned away from participating in this event for lack of this book. Any recipe is fine. As long as one makes the monthly dairy love product, they are invited to play.

Following the five cheese guesses are the contest rules, the main event guidelines are included at the end of this post, and have fun guessing the cheese! Please leave a comment at the end of this post with your cheese of choice guess by this Sunday night, Feb 15th, 12pm Oakland time. Thanks!

Is Miz Joo's favorite cheese:
Vella Dry Jack
Hook's Cheddar

Info about Miz Joo that might or might not help one win the contest:
1. She was a guest blogger on Vin de la Table .
2. Her parents own a deli on the East Coast.
3. She loves cheese.
4. She made Hello Kitty waffles for her neice on Christmas morning and a space ship out of wooden wine boxes for her to play in.

Contest rules
1. Anyone who wins the book must participate in Vin de la Table Home Creamery: Making Cheese and Drinking Wine event.
2. Unless willing to support all of the book's shipping costs, all contestants must live in the United States or have a shipping address in North America.
3. Individuals may win the contest only once.

Home Creamery Event Guidelines: (for the end of the month)
1) Make the dairy product of the month at home.
2) Either sip your dairy product to a wine or suggest a wine you think you might enjoy sipping with your milk creation in a raw or transformed state (i.e the cheese itself or a cheesecake). Also, I'll forgive you if you don't want to pair your goodness with wine, and just want to make join in on the dairy love.
3. Send me one of two things by the last Wednesday of the month (Feb 25th for the second month):
a) If you have a blog, send me the link to the post where you talk about your Home Creamery experience and I will feature it in on my Home Creamery post.
b) If you don't have a blog, email me a photo of your results (vindelatable@gmail.com) by the last Monday of the month and a brief 2-4 sentence sum up of your experience and your delectable pairings, which I will feature on my blog post.

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Simona said...

My guess is Garrotxa.
You'll tell us which cheese we make this month after the guessing deadline?

Kirstin said...

Simona- I'm completely open to dairy making suggestion.

Simona said...

How about buttermilk?

Kirstin said...

Simona- You and I are owning the comments! I'm down for buttermilk. Buttermilk itself or buttermilk pot cheese?

Simona said...

How about we make buttermilk and possibly (though not necessarily) use it to make a cheese with it?

Dot! said...

hahahaha i wonder what her favorite cheese is?

s m said...

My guess is Livarot

Kirstin said...

Squid ink, you are correct! email me your shipping info and we'll chat: vindelatable@gmail.com