Friday, July 11, 2008

What Would You Pair With.....?"

Today's "What Would You Pair With.....?" question concerns boquerones.

Boquerones are white Spanish anchovies, and these in particular have been marinated with white wine vinegar and olive oil, paired with Valtellina cheese, rustic bread, and lightly garnished with a piece of wilted basil.

Not particular to my picnics, the little fish are a staple at tapas bars all over Spain, and at the wine bar where I work.

Valtellina, is an aged, somewhat sharp and herbaceous mixed milk cheese (90% cow, 10% goat) from the hills of Italy, where happy cows make happy cheese.

The basil was wilted. By chance. But was fabulous with the boquerones and helped to break up the whiteness of the photo. If the basil is just too much for you with the cheese, fish and bread, take it off and go purist.

The question(s) of this post is:
What would you drink with this little snack? I tasted it with more than one wine, and was happy with many of the selections, but what are your ideas? White? Bubbles? Spritz? Red? Bonus question: Who and where would you like to nibble and sip your pairing....

Answers can be left in the comment link at the end of this blog.

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K what said...

On a modest Barcelona balcony along the Ronda del Litoral, I'd have a simple plate of fresh bread, light mustard and Boquerones prepared. Next to it on a small cafe table would be a bottle of Sur de los Andes Torrontes. This white's clean citrus would not only frame the savory fish well, but the almost verdant lemon colored label would match a new yellow sun dress, stunningly draped on my guest, Eva Mendes. ;-}

Kirstin said...

I've never heard such impeccable color coordination in a wine pairing before. Magnificent! And the Sur Torrentes is an excellent choice. If anyone hasn't tried a Torrentes, I'd highly suggest picking up a bottle to match to your date's dress.

Kirstin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kirstin said...

Quick note readers- No pairing suggestions were deleted, only my own post, which I accidently posted twice. Whilst sober.

chefectomy said...


Shameless self promotion but you and I both have Spain on the brain this weekend. Interested in your opinion of the white peach and rainier cherry sangria recipe I put up today at and how that might pair this dish.

Barring that an Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc would work well with the Boquerones.

Love this post, nice job.

- Marc

Zen Chef said...

Great dish!
I would go with a 'Pazo de Senorans' Albarino in exactly the same setting as the first commenter. :-) Hints of spicy ginger and pear, green apple. Dry and stony. Un regal!

Kirstin said...

Chefectomy- Normally I'd be against sangria because they can be so sweet, pure yours looks fresh and only fruit sweet (like Riesling). Pretty mix.
Zen Chef- You and K what should work out balcony times, because even with an awesome Torrontes and Albarino pairing, Eva might feel a little stretched and in response, eat all your boquerones.

Norm Schoen said...

An Albarino would work but how about a Chablis just to be different?

Norm Schoen said...
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