Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Homemade Buttermilk: Home Creamery Event II

Buttermilk fried chicken and cornmeal waffles from Brown Sugar Kitchen.

The forces have spoken. The dairy focus of the next Home Creamery Event will be.... BUTTERMILK. That's right, buttermilk. What's the point of buttermilk, you ask? What culinary magic can one create from this tangy, creamy lactose haven?

First, there's a recipe for buttermilk pot cheese (cooked in a pot, you naughty readers) in Kathy Farrell-Kingsley's Home Creamery book. Second, buttermilk pancakes. Or fried chicken, buttermilk ice cream, buttermilk biscuts, Panna-Cotta, cardamon-buttermilk pie, or, of course, there is the old standby of buttermilk wrapped in bacon, simmered in buttermilk and a rare late-harvest Sancerre from the Loire Valley, then wrapped in short pastry dough and topped with a reduced bacon and buttermilk sauce. Wow.

Two different recipes for buttermilk can be found in Farrell-Kingsley's book on pages 38, and 39, or very different recipes for buttermilk are available at these links here, here, and here . Look around, see which inspires you most.

Hope to see your buttermilk concoctions soon!

Event Rules:
Home Creamery Event Guidelines: (for the end of the month)
1) Make the dairy product (BUTTERMILK IN FEBRUARY) of the month at home.
2) Optional: Suggest a wine you think you might enjoy sipping with your milk creation in a raw or transformed state (i.e with buttermilk fried chicken or cardamon-buttermilk pie).
3. Send me one of two following things by the last Wednesday of the month (Feb 25th for the second month):
a) If you have a blog, send me the link to the post where you talk about your Home Creamery experience and I will feature it in on my Home Creamery post.
b) If you don't have a blog, email me a photo of your results ( by the last Monday of the month and/or a brief 2-4 sentence sum up of your experience and your delectable pairings, which I will feature on my blog post.

Lastly, the contest (see below) for guessing Dot's favorite cheese to win a copy of Farrell-Kingsley's The Home Creamery is still on, as no one has guessed correctly. Consider that an itty bitty hint.

Any buttermilk or buttermilk making experiences to share? Any helpful hints that we all should know or recipes favorite we have to try?

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Simona said...

I have the ingredients ready and I am ready to go.

Daniel Petroski said...

Count me in! Very excited. (And I owe you some words on French cheese and wine, sorry for the delays.)

Stephanie said...

Exciting! I just ordered a bunch of home dairy supplies, including starter for buttermilk (along with chevre, moscarpone, mozzarella, and a few others)! I've been making yogurt at home, but I'm totally new to the cheese thing.

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